“We grew our annual revenue from $600k in 2007 to in excess of $2.3mm in 2016.”

Ray Farmer
American Metal Roofs of Northern Michigan

In November of 2006 I approached Metal Roofing Consultants (MRC) regarding an opportunity to start up a metal roofing company here in Suamico Wisconsin. After several conversations and meetings I was comfortable enough to take my first step in developing a metal roofing company. Frank and his team was accessible during this process and certainly helped jump start my Metal Roofing Companies success.

To this date, we consult with MRC for all facets of my business. Including: finance, marketing, sales, telemarketing, installation practices. We also have established key business indicators to monitor and to manage our processes and systems to. This ensures that my company operates at the highest possible level.

As part of the consultation services we purchase from MRC we are invited to participate in weekly meetings: My sales team participates in weekly training and we benchmark performance measures amongst our teams. Our training that we receive rivals the best in the industry. This year both of my sales consultants topped sales in excess of one million dollars of good business!

I conference call with MRC to establish annual budgets and also meet weekly to measure our marketing performance based upon cost per marketing lead. MRC writes and produces all of my radio, print ads and t.v. commercials. Our current marketing budget is 230k.

I meet with the President of MRC, Frank Farmer annually to review my company’s performance. His wide knowledge of business operations and his team has helped me grow my organization from 1 employee to 10 employees in just about 10 years. We grew our annual revenue from 600k in 2007 to in excess of 2.3mm in 2016.

I would strongly recommend MRC’s consulting services to anyone that is looking to bring their organization to its next level.

“I highly recommend Frank Farmer and his Team to anyone who wants to take their business to the next level.”

Jack Gugger
President, Metal Roofing Systems

Our experience with Metal Roofing Consultants (MRC) dates back to 2004 when I met Frank Farmer at a Classic dealer meeting in Florida. We have since worked closely with Frank Farmer and several of the MRC Team to build our business, here in Wisconsin.

From the ground-up, with the direction of Farmer and his team, we were able to transform our remodeling/window and siding business into a company that has become the go-to residential metal roofing company in southern Wisconsin.

One of the most important concepts we have taken from Farmer and drilled into our culture, here at Metal Roofing Systems is; do one thing well and make everything you do teachable and repeatable.

MRC continues to keep us on the cutting edge. Weekly sales meetings delivered by Frank Farmer and competition amongst sales teams within our organizations has been the key to our ongoing success. Education, consistent reeducation and competition are the cornerstones of cultivating a strong sales force and Frank Farmer has developed a system that does most that for me. The benefit of this sales training allows me to focus more on lead generation, installation and other back-end details of my business.

I highly recommend Frank Farmer and his Team at Metal Roofing Consultants to anyone who wants to take their business to the next level.

“Frank’s knowledge of sales, marketing, management and daily operations will be a benefit to any type of business.”

Aaron Maytum
President/Owner, Roof Guard Company

I highly recommend Frank Farmer and his Metal Roofing Consultants team as a business consultant for your organization. I own a roofing company and Frank and his team helped us over the last year to get all of our internal systems in place including our pricing, accounting, overhead and profit and marketing. This helped us to increase our profit margins by 9% on gross sales.

Frank’s knowledge of sales, marketing, management and daily operations will be a benefit to any type of business. He finds problem areas, suggests solutions and follows up with you to hold you accountable for implementing new procedures.

The weekly meetings that we have help all of the staff stay focused on the systems and keeps them motivated to continue to improve. Frank has been a great addition to our team and has become part of our family.

“Your group has been tremendously helpful to us in shortening the learning curve as we moved from being an asphalt shingle company to one that installs beautiful metal roofing.”

image of jeff moselein for metal roofing consultants testimonial
Jeff Moeslein
President, Legacy Remodeling, Inc.

I genuinely appreciate the effort that Metal Roofing Consultants has put into helping us, particularly your willingness to provide direct support to our reps when they are in the field, even in the evenings.

Our participation in your boot camp was a great way for us to kick off our entry into the metal roofing business. This helped us to go from zero to ready to sell in a matter of a few days.

Whether it was the boot camp, the information that you have shared on pricing and installation techniques or the ongoing sales training and meetings, our involvement in your MRC team has been tremendously helpful to us in shortening the learning curve as we moved from being an asphalt shingle company to one that installs beautiful metal roofing.

We are looking forward to continuing to grow our metal roofing business in the coming years and will continue to reach out to you when we run into new challenges.

“There is absolutely no substitute for the complete and comprehensive benefits of MRC’s services.”

Timothy McCarthy
President, McCarthy Metal Roofing

This letter is to express my complete satisfaction with, and appreciation for, Metal Roofing Consultants (MRC) and the integral part they have played in the success of my business, McCarthy Metal Roofing. Since the inception of my metal roofing business in 2011, MRC has provided continual guidance, training, and industry wisdom.

MRC helped me understand the delicate intricacies of the metal roofing industry, and provided me with the materials and tools and training I needed, guiding me through creating and a establishing a business with a solid foundation for continual growth. MRC has assisted me in setting budgets and sales goals for my business based on current industry goal matrices. MRC explained the ins and outs of consumer financing, allowing me to secure quality lenders for my consumers. MRC guided me toward initiating a soft pull credit pre-screening system, which has allowed us to run quality appointments and increase sales and consumer satisfaction.

One of the most indispensable benefits of MRC’s services has been the ongoing support, guidance, and training of my sales, call center, and installation teams. My consultants, call center, and installers have all received cutting edge onsite training from MRC at their facility in Michigan. This uniformity in education has given my business a reputation for consistency and reliability with past, current, and future customers. MRC provides continued weekly training for sales consultants, and ongoing training and support for my call center and installers. Their response time on any questions we have is nearly immediate, and allows us to flow seamlessly through any issues we may experience. Through MRC’s service, my employees continue to grow in their understanding, competency and professionalism.

The backbone of any company is truly its marketing and sales department, and MRC goes above and beyond offering comprehensive training and support through every step of marketing and sales. MRC worked with me to establish a marketing budget, provided marketing materials, templates, and access to ALL of the marketing material they have used in their business. Their service has helped me maximize exposure and ensure that new leads are being reached with each marketing strategy I invest in. MRC has provided ongoing support in the set-up and training of my call center. Their expertise in call center operations has given us the ability to use time-tested scripting to set appointments. MRC has worked with us to ensure that our call center continues to grow from their wisdom and experience through real time support and training.

The success of my sales consultants can be undeniably attributed to the services of MRC. Receiving intensive and ongoing training, my sales department is armed with first class sales skills and knowledge. Every part of the selling process has been simplified as MRC has provided us with assistance and training in hiring consultants, pricing, and identifying the best consumer fit for our service. All of the forms, templates and contracts that we need to conduct an appointment and sell it have been provided to us – simplifying the sales process, placing orders, communicating with vendors and the installation process.

MRC has provided excellent guidance in roof installation through their intensive training of our installers. Our installers made the journey from North Carolina to Michigan to learn innovative installation techniques for investment grade metal roofing. Additionally, MRC sent their installers down to North Carolina to train our install team with hands on practical experience using our own tools and equipment.

I highly recommend MRC and their services to any metal roofing company that is seeking to establish a solid and high quality business model. There is absolutely no substitute for the complete and comprehensive benefits of MRC’s services.

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